Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Joey Update...

Joey's mom wrote the following update on Joey's journey for all those who continue to ask about him and keep him (and the family) in their thoughts and prayers.

Dear Friends & Family, 

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that Joey's bone marrow biopsy did come back all clear.We all were so grateful to finally get the word. The results however from his last labs indicate that the GVHD is not improving as hoped now that the steroids have been lowered. This disease effects Joey's joints, liver, other organs, skin, lungs and so much more. It is very serious and can be fatal. While we feel so blessed that everything else looks good, things are still very difficult at our home because Joey does not have a day that he can fully enjoy. He does try, but the road has been long and his body has really been through so much. 

I came across a picture of Joey today from about three years ago when he was healthy and happy..a normal little boy having fun with his friends. It was painful for me to see, but I pulled it out and stuck it in my planner so I can see it every day now and visualize him that way again. 

Again I wish to thank you for including Joey in your prayers. For asking others to pray. For putting Joey on prayer lists and keeping him in your hearts. I know he will improve with our prayers. 

Thank you for remembering Joey's "new" birthday! Thank you Judy Holmes for making Joey that cozy U of M blanket! It is so warm. Thank you to those that send cards and mail. Thank you Ron and Nancy for the I Tunes card (you know his addiction to games on his iPad :) and to all his Aunts for all the wonderful & endless sweet things you all do to make Joey's life brighter. 

Tomorrow is another hospital day. He will have labs, a check up, a lung function test, an echo and all his immunizations. (since his him immune system was wiped out, they will need to give all immunizations again from birth on) So, it will be a long day for him. 

Much love, 


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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm sending prayers, love, and are an amazing Mom....<3