Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How's Joey Caretti doing?

God bless those who continue to ask about young Joey Caretti's progress and who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers.  Joey's Mom, Lisa, sent this update today.

Kids doing for other kids!  How cool!
Dear Friends & Family, 

The healing process from Joey's surgery was much longer than we were prepared for. We had expected that he would be sore, that the bone marrow biopsy would be painful, but had not thought about how long his port had been in and all the scar tissue that would have formed around it. That on top of his daily headaches and stomach issues was quite an ordeal. 

We have not heard back on the biopsy results yet, however Joey has several doctor visits coming up so I am sure we will get the results then. This Friday we return to the GVHD (Graph vs Host disease) specialist to see how things are going. Joey is slowly going back down on the steroids that helped get the symptoms under control. We are praying that his body finally will accept the transplant. GVHD can be chronic and even fatal, so we once again ask for your prayers that Joey can be free from this disease. He has been through so much. 

He is not in treatment of any kind, just handfuls of medication twice a day, and we are so very grateful to have him home with us. That we are not in the hospital. We celebrate everything. We had a port and line removal party! Joey will celebrate his new birthday (the date of his transplant) on February 1st and his real birthday on February 15th. Two birthdays in one month and one he will not have to share with his twin sister. We simply wish that he could feel better. As a parent, it is heartbreaking to see him suffer still every day, but I believe one day he will be able to enjoy life again to the fullest. 

Thank you to all of you that still send him cards, notes and drop off things for him here. (and for all of us.)You really brighten his day and I want you to know how much it means to all of us. We are so blessed. 

The toy drive was such a success! Check out the article about it here that shows how generous the school children were. I will send the link as soon as I find it. We also had a Girl Scout Troop drop off a large collection of gifts after Christmas for the hospital so we had another drop off! Thank you Girl Scouts!!! 

Joey started back up with his home school teacher twice a week, PT three times a week and Reiki once a week. He always finds the Reiki very relaxing and it helps him with pain. In fact, we have two wonderful Reiki practitioners that come to the house to work on Joey and he calls both of them "The Healing Ladies" So after two years of watching them I thought it might be time I took a class myself. 

As soon as Joey is ready, he will begin karate again at his former dojo. It will have to be private lessons for a while, since he is still on medications that lower his immune system and this is the worst year ever for the flu. I think this will be so good for him. 

Thank you all for keeping Joey on your prayer list. For asking others to do the same. The past year was pretty bad, I won't sugar coat that. But we made it. N ow we need just a little more prayer, all together, to push Joey over this rough spot so he can get back to his childhood. 

Much love, 

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